Moon Nectar Apothecary

Yellow Color Essence Mist

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Ritual mist to invoke the healing powers of the color Yellow, by Moon Nectar Apothecary.

Use this mist to assist in visual color healing, meditation, light therapy, chakra work, and crystal healing. 

Yellow, the Pantone Color of 2021, pertains to all things knowledge, learned, memory, mental, intellectual, speaking, and writing, and is therefore excellent for writers, students, and scholars.

YELLOW helps open our mental faculties.  With its connection to the stomach, it is a digestive aid and diuretic, in addition to helping with nerve conditions and nerve pain. The stomach is also our psychic center, or gut brain, and helps us sort between knowledge and thought, as well as our or intuition, or gut feelings. Yellow can help with depression or melancholy and psychic burnout.

CITRINE excellent manifestation and creative stone; aids mental clarity; boosts imagination and inner visions to help bring our will and creative powers into true form to actualize our dreams

INGREDIENTS water, distilled grain alcohol, turmeric, Citrine gem essence, and various essential oils

*the back of each bottle has a color wheel with all color properties and suggestions for crystal use

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