United Other

Cut & Clear Intention Incense Paper Set


Set of 3 Intention Incense Papers (Honor, Release, Begin) to Cut & Clear what is unnecessary from your life.  Hand-soaked and hand-embossed, with sacred copal  and breu tincture, by Ellen Nguyen of United Other.

Time to cut the Karmic strings that bind. We can’t save people. Cherish those that love you fully and honestly. Let go of all others. Growth and expansion require us to evolve out of old shells and stagnant connections. Cut and clear. Release and expand.

HONOR Celebrate your Higher Purpose

RELEASE Surrender that which no longer serves you, and trust in yourself and the Universe

BEGIN Call In and manifest that which you desire

Write directly on the incense paper, and watch it burn; meditating on what you want to invoke, or release.

PAPER BURN TIME 3-5 minutes per Incense