The Dream Journal

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Mystical, hardcover journal to record your dreams, designed by CocoRinna.

THE DREAM JOURNAL was born of the artist's desire to create a mystical tool that would honor the process of journaling as sacred, rather than routine;  an ode to the creativity and knowledge astral travel has inspired in the artist, from a very young age.

This hardcover journal, with metallic gold foil details, has a clutter-free layout that will help you record your dreams and keep track of similarities and hidden messages. The journal features dedicated fields for the date and time, the current phase of the moon, an extensive list of emotions and moods from which to choose, and of course, space to write the details of your astral journey.

In the back of the journal, there is an alphabetical glossary of dream symbolism, to help guide your insights and interpretations.

5.5 x 3.5 inches 
Metallic gold foil cover design
100 pages
FSC sustainable paper
Made in Greece 

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