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Sunday, February 19th, 11AM to 3PM, in Eagle Rock, CA.

Ifé’s workshop is a safe healing circle where participants will have an opportunity to practice and learn somatic visualization exercises to build resources for healing trauma from the body, individually, and collectively as a community. Research shows that somatic visualization exercises help with reducing stress, easing anxiety, and building tools to regulate the nervous system when triggers are experienced. Ifé will also be teaching tools to help individuals return to their authentic selves, work on releasing shame, and help with self-empowerment. 

This will be a fun, enlightening, and healing workshop for anyone who suffers from symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, or experiences triggers easily. When trauma is healed from the body and mind, this creates space for vitality, energy, balance, health, and prosperity to manifest. Ife’s clients have had major transformations where they have been able to finally achieve the lives they desire by living to their fullest potential. Ifé hopes to be able to share tools that can help you do the same as we plant beautiful healing seeds for 2023. To simply notice the inner landscape of ourselves somatically begins the magnificent power of healing.

*Address will be provided via email on 2/18

**Light fare and drinks will be provided

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