Spirit Element

Rose Quartz Crystal Massaging Bath Bar


Massaging bath bar with Rose Quartz crystals, to bathe yourself in love.  Handcrafted by Spirit Element.

Bathing with crystals is an important part of any magical bath and self-care practice.

The ROSE QUARTZ MASSAGING BATH BAR is ideal for those who need to heal from heartbreak, restore loving feelings after arguments, and for those seeking to find new love.

ROSE QUARTZ inspires love of all kinds: paternal love, romantic love, friendship, and service to others; creates trust and harmony in relationships; legend says the Universe will forever be in your debt when you gift a Rose Quartz crystal to another

ROSE OIL the ultimate fragrance for love, beauty, and relationships; attracts romantic partners, as well as friends, by gently inspiring confidence and courage in the pursuit of love; helps to heal the heart and soul after the loss of a loved one

LIME OIL increases the effectiveness of love spells and charms; associated with friendship, confidence, and fidelity

VANILLA EXTRACT added to love potions to make one more attractive and desirable

  • this bar can replace any traditional bath soap
  • once wet, gently massage crystal side over skin, being sure to focus on the heart chakra and sore muscles
  • after use, collect the stones to use in grids, place them under your pillow for loving dreams, or continue to add them to your bathing ritual

INGREDIENTS water, glycerin, sodium stearate, sorbital, sodium oleate, shea butter, sodium laurate, sodium myristate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, titanium dioxide, pentasodium pentatate, Rosewood essential oil, Rose Quartz

4 oz

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