Moon Nectar Apothecary

Red Color Essence Mist

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Ritual mist to invoke the healing powers of the color Red, by Moon Nectar Apothecary.

Use this mist to assist in visual color healing, meditation, light therapy, chakra work, and crystal healing. 

RED corresponds to the Root Chakra and our survival instincts.  Color of physical vitality, vigor, passion, and sexual attraction.  Boosts libido, and promotes passionate love.  Red is a grounding color, and is said to increase blood pressure and boost circulation. Excellent color if feeling lethargic or needing energy to complete a task or activity.  Encourages recovery after a cold or illness, and stimulates the senses. Helps the body absorb iron. Can help those who are shy or introverted come out of their shell.

CARNELIAN stone for completion; to get things done. Boosts creativity and sparks ideas and clarity. Boosts confidence; excellent for athletes, singers, or actors. Brings a sense of passion to your romantic life.

INGREDIENTS water, distilled grain alcohol, strawberry powder, beetroot, hibiscus, tomato powder, Carnelian gem essence, and various essential oils

*the back of each bottle has a color wheel with all color properties and suggestions for crystal use

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