Beeswax Candle Works

Quan Yin Beeswax Candle


100% natural Beeswax ritual candle, to call in the compassionate power of Quan Yin, from Beeswax Candleworks in Oregon.

Known as "The One with a Motherly Compassion, She who Hears the Cries of the People," Quan Yin is a great protector and benefactor - her heart is full of deep compassion and unconditional love; her energy is God-like.

Quan Yin is welcomed in many feng shui applications and is one of the most popular (and sacred) feng shui cures.  Due to her commitment to helping humans, she is approached with any concerns, troubles, or worries. Be it family, career, health or relationships, no trouble is too big to be brought to the motherly and all-powerful energy of Quan Yin.

Each candle measures 3.75 inches high and 2 inches wide

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