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Prehnite & Epidote Cluster

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Rough Prehnite and Epidote cluster, ethically sourced from Bendoukou, Region d Kayes, Mali.

Known as the stone that "heals the healer," PREHNITE cleanses your aura of energy that does not belong to you, while Epidote draws prosperity and ensures that your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met.

PREHNITE helps you learn to prioritize your own needs so as to be better equipped to help others.  This stone helps you integrate the hidden lessons in life, such as those revealed in the dream state, allowing you to feel connected to the universe.

PREHNITE is a wonderful stone for sleep and dreams.  It makes dreams more vivid and enhances recall of one's dreams, while warding off nightmares.  This gemstone fosters a healthy connection between the heart and mind, and is an ideal stone for forgiving oneself.  Work with it whenever you find yourself avoiding something; it initiates self-acceptance.

EPIDOTE is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking patterns.  It is the stone of the silver lining, instilling hope and patience in the midst of adversity, creating a sense of optimism.


CHAKRA Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye



*all crystals have been cleansed under a full moon

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