Moon Nectar Apothecary

Moonstone Gem Essence


Ritual oil with healing properties of Moonstone and essential oils, by Moon Nectar Apothecary.

Gem Essences house the vibrational frequency of each stone; use with intention and add to meditative baths, rub on chakra pulse points, or dress altar candles to amplify and conjure the gem's magickal properties. Please note, these oils are not to be ingested internally.

MOONSTONE a feminine stone; helps calm nerves and transform stress.  Provides protection for travel over water, and during childbirth or pregnancy.  Helps balance hormones during menstrual cycle, and enhances kundalini energy.  Opens pituitary gland to amplify intuition and dreamwork.

DEITIES  Gaia, Inanna
HERBS  Mugwort, Goldenseal, Sage, Chamomile
TAROT  The Chariot
CHAKRA  Sacral and Third Eye

SCENT hints of jasmine, lavender, and chamomile, topped with camphor 

INGREDIENTS Moonstone gem essence, safflower oil, apricot kernel oil, white pearl oxide pigment, various essential oils, and Reiki energy 

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