Melíte 2023 Planner



Each day gives us countless opportunities to romanticize our lives; to fall deeply and compassionately in love with who we are.

MELITE  /ˈmɛlɪt/Ancient Greek: Μελίτη Melitê means 'calm, honey sweet' or 'glorious, splendid,' and was the name of several characters in Greek mythology.

2023 is the year for you to own your main character's energy.  And thus, this year's planner, MELÍTE, is dedicated to self-romance, mindfulness, and slow living; to creating a life that makes you entirely happy. 

Similar to past Cocorrina planners, MELÍTE houses an encyclopedic trove of magickal data, and can be used as a reference tool for years to come.  


  • 12 Months (From January 2023 to December 2023)
  • Yearly Moon calendar for 2023
  • Monthly and weekly layout with guidance and actions based on the moon phases and signs, celestial events, zodiac signs, and Mercury retrogrades
  • Every month is dedicated to a flower, with insights on Floriography, tea recipes, and flower history
  • Every month includes a poem, a slow living book reference, and a lexicon to enhance your vocabulary with imagination
  • Every month begins with information on its magickal correspondences, including: herbs, flowers, crystals, animals, elements, folklore, and much more
  • Each month will end with guidance to re-learn the beautiful tradition of letter writing, and reflect on your happy memories and goals as you build your magickal, mindful life

Vegan Leather Hardcover with Metallic Gold Foil
Swedish Manken paper 
Size: 7 x 8.6 inches
UTC Based: Suitable for the Northern Hemisphere (all dates, times, moon phases, and celestial events are Universal Time Zone (UTC) based
Environment / Safety: FSC-C020637, PEFC_05-33-99, EU Ecolabel : SE/011/05, The paper is inspected for Nordic Ecolabelled printing, ECF, ISO 14001, EMAS,  Age resistant (ISO 9706), Woodfree 

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