Courtney Bensik Jewelry

Lithium Quartz Pendulum | Sterling Silver Chain


Lithium Quartz on 6" sterling silver chain with cast sterling Zincite cluster detail, handcrafted by jewelry designer Courtney Bensik.

A pocket-sized pendulum with the power to heighten your own intuitive abilities.

LITHIUM QUARTZ  This wonderfully gentle stone balances the mind and emotional body. Its calming and soothing vibration alleviates emotional clutter so that you can bring yourself back to your spiritual center. When we operate from this clear place, we are in alignment with life, and reality begins to look a little brighter.

SILVER  Deeply healing, the reflective quality of Silver invites us to look within our own intuition for the answers. A maternal energy that soothes the soul and protects our energy system from anything that doesn’t serve inside or out. Silver acts as an emotional and spiritual purifier.

ZINCITE  Represents pure will, passion, determination, power, and drive - ideal energies to spark immediate responses when tuning in with the pendulum.  

Comes with a small velvet keepsake pouch, and crystal description.

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