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Large Garnet Hexagon


Large  Garnet Hexagon, ethically sourced from Pakistan.

MAGICKAL USE  Garnet is connected to the archetype of the Earth Mother; coupled with its cubic crystal structure and heavy density, this gemstone has the gift of near-instant grounding.  Almandine Garnet is traditionally used for attracting prosperity, uncovering riches, and for manifestation - all of which are under the purview of the Earth Mother.

Almandine Garnet helps us overcome worry, stress, anxiety, and fear; it is a stone that stimulates positive thinking.  The cubic crystal structure supports organization, memory, and mental clarity.

An excellent mediation stone, Almandine Garnet is protective and empowering. It can initiate the rise of kundalini, but slowly, to help you maintain a grounded state without being too stimulating.

ELEMENT fire, earth


ASTROLOGICAL SIGNATURE Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo; Mars, Pluto, Sun

ORIGIN Pakistan

*all crystals have been cleansed under a full moon, and infused with healing Reiki energy by Aja Daashuur, The Spirit Guide Coach 

**Weighs over 2.5 pounds