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Large Flower Agate Palm Stone I


Large Flower Agate Palm Stone, to find love in all corners of your heart.  Ethically sourced from Madagascar.

We asked our Spirit Guides,

"What medicine does this stone wish to provide?" 

They answered with the Ace of Cups, from Serpentfire Tarot.

MAGICKAL USE This newly discovered agate from Madagascar helps you pursue beauty in myriad ways.  Carry it or meditate with it for inspiration in creative pursuits and to cultivate awareness of your own beauty, both inner and outer.  It is a stone of sacred sexuality, as it links the heart and sacral chakras.  This makes it ideal for conditions related to self-esteem and sexual expression.  Flower Agate is a soothing balm to the old emotional patterns that are ready for release.

Flower Agate supports manifestation, abundance, and following your bliss.  This gemstone realigns the energy field with the physical body, fostering radiant health while helping you to adapt to the changing energies of our world.

It is a stone of joy with a fairylike presence that connects to the devic kingdom and the natural world.  It teaches the importance of tolerance, trust, and harmony, making it an ideal stone for fitting into your community and for supporting the health and well-being of ecosystems, both in the physical and spiritual realms. 


CHAKRA Sacral, Heart


ORIGIN Madagascar

*all crystals have been cleansed under a full moon, and infused with healing Reiki energy by Aja Daashuur, The Spirit Guide Coach 

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