Courtney Bensik Jewelry

Iron Included Quartz Pendulum | Gold Fill Chain


Quartz with Iron inclusions on 6" gold fill chain with cast bronze Zincite cluster detail, handcrafted by jewelry designer Courtney Bensik.

QUARTZ w/IRON INCLUSIONS  A powerful amplifier of energy.  Bring about clarity in all areas of your life with the use of Iron Included quartz.  Tap into the subtleties of the unconscious mind by clearing the path for deeper understanding.

GOLD  Highly conductive in attracting and manifesting your deepest desires, Gold imparts an assertive drive to your intentions.  Igniting all the power of the sun, this metal increases prosperity, health, and vitality.  Gold works to boost the heart and solar plexus while opening the crown to infinite possibility. 

ZINCITE  Represents pure will, passion, determination, power, and drive - ideal energies to spark immediate responses when tuning in with the pendulum.  

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