Spirit House Tea

Divination Tea


All natural, loose-leaf herbal tea to assist in divination work.  Blended by Spirit House Tea, a collaboration between Aja Daashuur, GFTS Founder and The Spirit Guide Coach, and Saewon of Sun Song.

Drink DIVINATION TEA to connect to the power of the moon, and the wisdom of the past.

Designed to help your journey across astral planes during meditation and/or ceremonial work.

During the creative process, Aja channeled the following message from her guides:

Spirit House Divination Tea contains power, perception, and connection to our ancestors and light beings. It holds the power of the moon, holds hands with angels and spirits of the past; it transports you to the other side. Divination means being seen and heard in multiple dimensions throughout time - it is the pin prink of light within the darkness; contains chaos within the center of one’s Third Eye.

Steep for 15 minutes or infuse overnight fo extra potency.

INGREDIENTS Blue Lotus, Blue Vervain, Sinichuichi, Chaga, Cacao, Clove, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Cornflower, Cayenne, Coconut Sugar.

9 oz.