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Crystalline Epidote III

$44.00 $88.00

Rough, crystalline Epidote, from the Balushistan Region of Pakistan.

An excellent stone for tuning into nature.

Epidote gives out a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration. It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking patterns, and can inject a sense of hopeful optimism. 

Epidote improves your capabilities - it helps you to live up to your own demands on yourself, in concert and consideration of your personal strength and ability, thereby avoiding failure. By gradually elevating these demands, your capabilities expand and further develop.

Epidote helps you to accept and admit to your weaknesses.

Epidote increases your mental capacity to integrate the true meaning of love and abundance into your understanding of the world. 




ORIGIN Pakistan


*all crystals have been cleansed under a full moon, and infused with healing Reiki energy by Aja Daashuur, The Spirit Guide Coach 

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