Cosmic Whisper Rune Deck


Second edition Rune deck, with stunning metallic gold foil details and edges, thoughtfully made by Theo and Corina of Cocorrina Design Studio.

Runes date back thousands of years, and are known as the oldest, most powerful alphabet. With a long, complex history, runes were some of the first mystical tools used for protection and connecting to psychic instincts.

With 24 symbols, runes are very accurate; there is no room for speculation or interpretation, as there is with oracles and tarot.  Each rune has a strong and clear meaning that is easy to remember, making these cards perfect for a definitive answer without a lot of contemplation or subjectivity.

While ancient runes were often made with stone or wood, COSMIC WHISPER is one of the only divination tools that incorporates the runes into cards.

This deck is one of a kind.  Every decision and material used was thoughtfully chosen to resemble the ancient runes, while at the same time staying true to their origins and connection to nature.

Comes in custom made black velvet pouch and a booklet about the history and art of runes, how to read them, along with two page spreads for each rune with its meaning and interpretation.

Each card measures 3.03 inches by 4.7 inches