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Home & Travel Ritual Set

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Complete ritual kit to create the sacred space for loving protection and blessings, wherever you are.  From Ellen Nguyen of United Other.

Your are the Soul of a place. A home to a life. Purify your sanctuary or wherever the journey may take you. Release and create a pure, sacred space of love, peace and protection. Home is where your heart is – a place to always return to, to ground, to rest and to connect deeply – within and throughout.

Burn FREELY to purify the air with positive energy and powerful protection.
Intend, write, release and call in with the HONOR and RELEASE Intention Incense Papers. 
Transmute and purify negative energies with BLACK TOURMALINE - the stone of psychic protection.  Ground a path for light, and release worry and anxiety.


// Four FREELY Ritual Incense Ropes, hand-rolled and hand-dyed with Hinoki, Palo Santo, and Copal

// Two of each HONOR and RELEASE Intention Incense Papers, hand-embossed and hand-soaked with sacred Copal and Breu tincture

// One BLACK TOURMALINE gemstone


PAPER BURN TIME: 3-5 minutes per Incense
INCENSE ROPE BURN TIME: 30-40 minutes per Incense

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