Moon Nectar Apothecary

Color Bath Kit


All natural bath salts to invoke the healing power of color, in the most traditional form of self-care.  Hand crafted by Moon Nectar Apothecary. 

Color is light, and full spectrum light is essential to healing and human growth.  Plants need the sun to grow so that humans and animals alike can consume the necessary nutrients to keep their bodies healthy and aligned.  Color therapy dates back to Egyptian physicians and the Greeks, which were the first to have healing temples with rooms in which sunlight was broken up into spectral components (so that each room was a different color), to heal specific medical ailments.  

Use the salts for each color in full; drops of the gem essence oil that corresponds to the color/chakra you wish to meditate upon can be added to enhance the experience.

  • 10 different color bath salts, all made from natural fruit and vegetable pigments, mica pigments, epsom salts, and essential oils
  • a booklet with each color's meaning and insights, and a meditation
  • a crystal pendulum and pendulum wheel to help you channel the color you need for healing

RED beetroot, tomato powder, strawberry powder, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, rose essential oil
ORANGE orange peel, turmeric, annato seed, beetroot, epsom salt, tangerine essential oil
YELLOW turmeric, orange peel, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, ylang ylang essential oil
GREEN spirulina, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, cypress essential oil
BLUE blue spirulina, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, frankincense essential oil
INDIGO hibiscus, blue spirulina, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, juniper berry essential oil
PURPLE butterfly pea flower, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, lavender essential oil
MAGENTA dragonfruit powder, cherry powder, natural mica pigment, epsom salt, geranium essential oil
PINK cherry powder, strawberry, beetroot, epsom salt, grapefruit essential oil
TURQUOISE kaolin clay, spirulina, epsom salt, natural mica pigment, sage essential oil

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