Courtney Bensik Jewelry

Clear Quartz Sun Catcher


Three clear A++ quality Quartz crystals on 11" gold fill rolo chain, handcrafted by jewelry designer Courtney Bensik.

Suspended in air, suspended in time; an adornment for your altar space or any area of the home where you can sit and tune into yourself while meditating or day dreaming.

Featuring three hand selected A++ quality Quartz crystals strung together with a gold fill rolo chain, these sun catchers are prayers for hope and peace during unsettled times. They shoot rainbows if hung near a window when the sun is shining, reminding you of the wonder of light as it refracts into the dark corners of space and time.  

CLEAR QUARTZ A powerful amplifier of energy.  Brings clarity to all areas of your life with the use of clear quartz. Tap into the subtleties of the unconscious mind by clearing the path for deeper understanding. 

Delicately hang in desired spot and enjoy for a lifetime.  Avoid contact with water or hanging near areas where there is moisture in the air

Comes with a keepsake pouch, and crystal description.

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