Astral World Coloring Book


Ornate, magickal coloring book to give the mind a creative outlet, designed by CocoRinna.

Your magick can change the world; art therapy can help you heal yourself.

Coloring improves your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, often taking you back to the simpler times of childhood.

Coloring at any time of stress can calm and soothe the persistent surge of negative emotions and swirling anxiety.

At the artist's recommendation, we love to spend some time with ASTRAL WORLD as part of our bedtime ritual.

With 100 original designs by CocoRinna in thin black outline, ASTRAL WORLD can be colored with pens, pencils, markers, watercolor brushes, and airbrushes.

8.2 x 9.8 inches
112 Bristol art pages
Orriginal artworks by CocoRinna
Bleed proof and acid free
Ideal for sketching, drawing, graphic techniques
Made in Greece 

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