Wanderer's Tarot

Wyrd Sisters Oracle Deck


Colorful 60 card oracle deck, hand-illustrated and channeled by Casey Zabala, of Wanderer's Tarot, and founder of the Modern Witches Confluence.

A divination deck that guides one into a deeper connection with their personal magick. 

For those curious about formulating their own spells, traditions, and stepping into their personal power, WYRD SISTERS ORACLE offers practical magick advice in the form of Spell cards, Candle Magick cards, Sigil cards, and Magickal Tool cards.

Divination empowers us to actively engage with our fate; allow WYRD SISTERS ORACLE to support you on your magickal journey.

Comes with a guidebook to aid the seeker in divinatory interpretations, spread and spell suggestions, and a keepsake box.

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