Moon Nectar Apothecary

Blue Color Essence Mist


Ritual mist to invoke the healing powers of the color Blue, by Moon Nectar Apothecary.

Use this mist to assist in visual color healing, meditation, light therapy, chakra work, and crystal healing. 

BLUE associated with the throat chakra; a color of positive inspiration in the aura. Blue is all about self-expression through speech and communication. Tranquil and non-threatening, it can calm arguments and bring pain relief.  Good for those with insomnia and those who are exploring dreamwork and astral projection. Acts as a door to the other side, assisting one's connection to personal spirit guides. Cooling to the body; aids in reducing fevers, and can help a sore throat or stiff neck.  Associated with the thyroid. Emotionally, blue is somewhat detached; it helps calms the body to ease the flow of energy.

ANGELITE stone to enhance one's channeling and intuitive powers to assist in receiving spiritual guidance; Angelite is most known to connect one to personal spirit guides and angel guardians.  A gentle stone that encourages the communication of intuitive feelings without second guessing.  Regulates the appetite.

INGREDIENTS water, distilled grain alcohol, butterfly pea flower, Angelite gem essence, and various essential oils

*the back of each bottle has a color wheel with all color properties and suggestions for crystal use

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