Sunbeam Candles

Goddess of Fertility Beeswax Candle


100% beeswax Goddess of Fertility Candle, from the folks at Sunbeam Candles.

Based on the 25,000 year old Paleolithic sculpture dubbed the "Woman of Willendorf" (or "Venus of Willendorf"), one of the oldest known works of art.

Believed to have been used for ritual purposes to celebrate ideas linked to fertility, femininity, goddesses, and eroticism, the "Woman of Willendorf" has accentuated feminine features, honoring the power and beauty of the female form.

Made of 100% pure beeswax and an unbleached, lead-free wick.

Sunbeam Candles is a certified living wage employer in Tompkins, NY, whose business is powered by 100% renewable energy (solar and wind), and uses carbon neutral shipping.

Diameter: 2.75 ins
Height: 6 ins
Burn Time: 30 hours

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