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Good Luck Charm


Good Luck Charm spray is a mix of essential oils and essences, ceremonially made in Los Angeles by energetic herbalist Rachel Burgos.

Use Good Luck Charm for protection, prosperity, and overall good fortune.

Spritz to clear the air of what's not serving you, and lay the foundation for a lucky future. 

ROSEMARY for love and protection

CEDAR for prosperity and protection

CLOVE for protection and conjuring

GOLD inner beauty and personal power

YARROW for boundary work - the difference between your energy and someone else's energy 

ROSE for heart opening, softening, and love

CITRINE for courage, self-esteem, beauty, and joy  

INGREDIENTS essential oils of rosemary, cedar, and clove, and essences of gold, yarrow, rose, and citrine. 

2 oz / 60 ml

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