Clare Fawn

Anakwad Teapot


Ceramic single-serving teapot, handmade by the multi-talented Clare Fawn.

In Ojibwemowin, Anakwad means "cloud" - an apt name for this vessel, as the warm white color and textured glaze evoke the softness of billowing clouds.  May we all appreciate the variation and imperfections on the surface of this vessel, as we appreciate what makes each one of us unique.

This teapot has a glazed interior and a naturally shed deer antler handle.  The deer symbolizes love and gentleness, making it a beautiful energy to bring into tea ceremony.

Each teapot and antler is one of a kind.

Height: 3.5 ins
Width: 4.25 ins
Handle: 6 ins

*not for use on stovetop

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